I thought it may be helpful to list and share the apps I am most frequently using the other day.

So here we go:

  • Amaze: A file browser with some shortcuts. I haven't tried alternatives, because this one already does what I need.
  • DAVdroid: Used to sync calendar and contacts with my Nextcloud instance.
  • F-Droid: Because I don't want Google PlayStore (they're too large). Note, that there are even more alternative app stores, but F-Droid has a good reputation.
  • ICSdroid: Used to see calendars from others in mine.
  • K-9 Mail: More advanced than the default Fairphone mail client. I am yet to try email encryption.
  • Markor: Because I blog from my phone, it is helpful to have a preview.
  • Mozilla Stumbler: I like to support Mozilla in providing alternative means to position determination. this works by community effort, which submits WLAN access point positions with GPS data, so the latter can be get rid off at one point.
  • MuPDF: A PDF Viewer, because it is a popular exchange format.
  • Nextcloud Dev: The stable version crashed for me, so I am using this to access giles on my Nextcloud instance.
  • Open Keychain: Enables PGP for K-9 mail.
  • OsmAnd+: Offline map service with navigation, point-of-interest and so on.
  • Riot.im: Although I don't grant it access to my contacts, I can use it as client to Matrix and IRC.
  • SimpleStatsWidget: Since I have a small data plan, this helps me keep an eye on sent SMS and called te.
  • Simpletask: My app for GTD. I manage my todos with it.
  • spaRSS: My feed app with offline support.
  • Termux: Because I love vim and ssh :-)
  • Weather: Provides me a rough idea on how the day may look like.

Note, that I have more apps installed (like games and utilities), but need more time for evaluation.

What do you use?

Before I miss that link again: I download [Firefox from Mozilla](https://download.mozilla.org/?product=fennec-latest&os=android&lang=multi), but always have to re-search that link.