I want to be able to chat with people on IRC on-the-go. Since my Fairphone is powered by Android I would likely need an app for that. After the upgrade to Android 6 I installed Riot, a client for Matrix.

A Pirate party member from Finland gently explained to me how to join a room on IRC or Gitter from inside Rior. I want to share this knowledge with you:

/join #freenode_#sabayon:matrix.org
/join #gitter_sabayon=2Fcommunity-repositories:matrix.org

The first one connects to #sabayon on Freenode using the matrix.org node. Since matrix.org is down sometimes due to overcrowding it would be preferable to use another instance.

The second one connects to Sabayon/community-repositories on Gitter via matrix.org. The =2F is no typo, but needed.