Just a short note before I forget how I did it :-)

Today I prepared a
migration from my WordPress.com blogs to Jekyll.
Looking through the Jekyll documentation listed some ways to do that.

I first tried the snippet they posted, but the additional plugins needed
(jekyll-import and
hpricot) made me stay away of it.
That is, installing the latter gem failed with a make error.

Hence I went the route of exitwp.
Therefore I log into my WordPress.com account and visit
I download a full export for each WordPress.com blog I have.

Since that is a Python script, I installed a
before using Python 2.7.14.

$ cd ~/src
$ virtualenv exitwp
$ cd exitwp
$ git clone https://github.com/thomasf/exitwp.git src
$ source bin/activate
$ cd src
$ pip install PyYAML
$ pip install bs4
$ echo "Copy your exports to ~/src/exitwp/src/wordpress-xml/"
$ python exitwp.py

Now look into ~/src/exitwp/src/build/jekyll/ for the respective exports.

I need to scrutinise the counterparts of my old blog articles before I publish
them here.

Enjoy! :-)

P.S.: If you happen to have read
Migrate from WordPress to Jekyll
note that the Vito is back to WordPress since a while:
Why I switched from Jekyll back to WordPress .