Blog posts in 2018

  1. Seasonal affected disorder

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  2. or requirements.txt? Both!

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  3. Project Lobsang or How To Reclaim the Search

  4. Boilerplate code of JavaScript project

  5. How to run Gentoo on Raspberry Pi 1B+

  6. How to structure an express app

  7. How to use Two-Factor Auth without a phone

  8. How to write a plugin for hexo

  9. How to listen to music via Bluetooth with a headset

  10. js13kgames Postmortem - An Offline Life

  11. Microsoft bought GitHub - what now?!

  12. CodeSchool closes its doors

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  13. It's in the small things

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  14. How to run phpBB with Vagrant

  15. Building Sites with HarpJS

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  16. Experimenting with WebMentions

  17. FOSDEM 2018 - I was there

  18. Uploading media in Mozilla Support portal

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  19. Using Etherpads on Android

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  20. Reviving old projects

  21. How to use a hardware keyboard on Android

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