Short noticed: You can listen to music via a bluetooth headset on Sabayon! Here's how:


First, make sure, you have the needed packages installed. Especially:

Getting started

First, make sure, both devices are charged. Then start the bluetooth daemon:

sudo systemctl start bluetooth

You can enable it also, if you want to have bluetooth on boot. I would recommend against it.

Now that bluetooth is ready, configure it:

$ bluetoothctl
[bluetooth]# list
[bluetooth]# show <mac_address>
[bluetooth]# select <mac_address>
[bluetooth]# power on
[bluetooth]# agent on
[bluetooth]# default-agent
[bluetooth]# discoverable on
[bluetooth]# pairable on
[bluetooth]# scan on
[bluetooth]# devices
[bluetooth]# pair <headset_mac>
[bluetooth]# connect <headset_mac>
[bluetooth]# exit
$ exit

Hereby <mac_address> describes the MAC address of your machine (for me a Thinkpad T520 with integrated bluetooth chip) and <headset_mac> is the corresponding of the headset (here a BT100H). In order to discover the headset, it has to be turned on before scan on is entered. It will tell you, that it powered on and is now in pairing mode. If you had it turned on before, turn if off and on again.

After picking the MAC address of the headset from the output of devices you'll get a confirmation, that it paired (both, from laptop and headset). Don't forget to pair it.

Audio configuration

I am using mate applets in my awesomeWM, so I was looking for the headset in Mate's volume control applet. After switching from my speakers to the headset I got sound! Mono. Yikes! (Ever heard Heavy Metal in Mono?!)

A short search on the web led me to the Arch instructions for Bluetooth headsets. They denoted to look into PulseAudio configuration. There I could switch the mode from HFP to A2DP in the Configuration tab of the UI (you may need to use the arrow buttons).

Switching back to Mate's volume control applet, I could tell the sound to be played in Stereo!

Enjoy the music! :-)