You may have noticed, that some areas here on the blog are evolving. But I am not only working on the blog, but on other parts of this domain as well. For example, moving projects from GitHub Pages over.

One project I feel quite emotionally connected to is TMGC-JS. I spotted it like five years ago on the Firefox OS marketplace (time goes by so fast!). I remember having opened an issue, because there was something missing. The original maintainer lost interest in his tamagotchi game. Another user chimed in and asked, whether I would be interested in a fork. Since I was forbidden to buy a physical tamagotchi I was keen to develop one!

Well, life happened. Our rework was never finished. Other projects got more interesting, so the work halted again.

The last weeks I blew off the dust and restarted. Again. This time using tools and techniques I've learned in between. This means: no more bower or grunt. But plain npm and rollup. And ES6 classes. And ES6 modules. And highly specialized micro frameworks. And SCSS. And Flexbox. Stunning, what tools popped up in a few years! I totally love that on the web! It'll never get boring!

I am ... um... almost done with recreating the original features. You can take a look on TMGC if you want. Currently I am using Rollup as bundler (webpack is bloated). My framework is choo, which has a nice, minimal API, but offers some goodies like virtual DOM. What I am not happy with are the GIFs used for animation. I think I'll redo them in Canvas, since I want to keep the pixel style. This way I can draft them with pen and paper and digitalise it easily.

I am already thinking about new features. For example, responding to device APIs to detect walking. Or using OpenWeather API to blend in your environment. Or use federation techniques (WebRTC?) to join other users. A bit like Animals Crossing on a Nintendo. When it means a server I need to think about where to deploy to. Most services are hosted in the U.S. I am not happy with their privacy standard. On the other hand, without user login, there is not much to protect. IPs spring to my mind. Usage statistics would be nice, to see, how many people are running it. Or alerting system in case an edge case occurs. Or a feedback form.

But first I should get it working. This time for real ;-) There are some known bugs which will get squashed. One at a time. Feel free to drop me a line if you are interested.