This year, I couldn't participate at js13kgames and it looks like Node Knockout will likely overlap with my vacations.

Sooo ... I felt more invested to sign up with hacktoberfest.

Due to me switching jobs, I put more effort in the beginning of the month.

The results

By now, I passed with these PRs:

Your contributions

October 02, 2019 19:01 You submitted Add legend to main bar. to wo-ist-markt/

October 03, 2019 10:33 You submitted Add JSDoc Comments for Config and TemplateConfig. Adjust references to 11ty/eleventy

October 13, 2019 10:25 You submitted Check for username on GitHub before sending invitation. Fixes #8 to ionicc/Github-organization-inviter

October 13, 2019 12:29 You submitted Follow up of #158: Disabled unclassified marker. to wo-ist-markt/ You did it! 🎉 You've made four eligible PRs for Hacktoberfest — which means you officially completed this year’s challenge!

October 13, 2019 19:38 You submitted Uses string substitution. Small cleanup. Fixes #14 to ionicc/Github-organization-inviter

October 13, 2019 21:11 You submitted Update peerDependency for eleventy 0.9.0 to Ryuno-Ki/eleventy-plugin-meta-generator

October 14, 2019 21:13 You submitted Enable ordering of share options. Related to #86 to Mte90/Share-Backported

October 16, 2019 19:35 You submitted 86 options order to Mte90/Share-Backported

October 17, 2019 20:38 You submitted 86 reorder modal to Mte90/Share-Backported

I'm a bit irritated by the results. For one, my PR for eleventy is still open. Then, an update to my own repo is showing up there also. Both have no label „hacktoberfest“ on their associated issues.

I'd expect people manipulating the event by providing PRs for their own repositories and submit something small.

I'll likely contact Digital Ocean about this once things settle for me.

Even if my submissions would be invalidated, I have enough valid ones to qualify. Let's see, what happens next.

The projects

So let's dig a bit into the different projects I ran into.

Wo ist Markt?

The first one I picked up was

I like the idea, since we are buying locally if possible, too. Plus, our town offers several of those, so increasing visibility will be beneficial.

From a technical perspective, the implementation is a bit lacking. Many parts are maintained manually. The UI is not translateable and not really usable on mobile.

Nothing grave, but I'll submit a handful more changes to it in the future.

Oh, and it's from my friends at OpenKnowledge Foundation! I was willing to pay back to them since years. The working group in my town is busy with something I'm not really interested in.


Eleventy is what assembles this page you're reading (in case you don't read it in your feed reader right now ;-)).

So I want to make it better. But first, I need to understand how it works. Therefore I am adding JSDoc strings in small chunks.

GitHub organization inviter

So this one is a small project. I am not sure, how experienced the maintainers are (no offense).

I fixed an issue they opened for Hacktoberfest and fixed it. After it, I opened some more, so they have some pointers where to continue. If they ask for help, I'd do, but the project is not solving a problem I have.

Share backported

This is a project initiated by a fellow Mozillian, Daniele. This alone already piqued my interest. The issue I picked up was technically a bit challenging, engineering-wise. I will go into more technical details in another post.

My personal highlight was once the ticket was once the development and the [original poster tested it to provide feedback][praise].

This makes OpenSource development so much more rewarding!!

Too bad, that I can't see this in my job...

Other projects

I couldn't work on every project I discovered. For example, I wasn't aware that the Internet Archive was on GitHub. Asking to work on item turned out to be the wrong move.

Same with a native app to trace pictures.


Thanks to DigitalOcean and for organising this!