The other day I listened to an interview with the author ofT „To Hell With the Hustle: Reclaiming Your Life in an Overworked, Overspent, and Overconnected World”. It brought back some thoughts I have since years.

My background

Look, I grew up in a rural part of Germany. I learned by now, that this could mean different things to different people. So to set you in the picture, let me phrase it like this:

I grew up in an area, where three houses make a village. The bus in mine came three times. Per week. Except during school days.

Relation to the podcast

Now, back to the podcast. Yes, I listen to it because it talks about living with Jesus. In my day to day live, I rarely get challenged to think about it, yet alone to exchange thoughts.

If you are not into this, consider it an interview about lifestyle and meditation. But this why you won't get all out of it I'm afraid.

The argument in the linked episode, which resonated with me is this:

You become how you act.

Jeff, the author, illustrates it with us checking our Social Media accounts as first thing in the morning. Or during waiting times at stop lights and so on.

Applied to me

I must plead guilty here as well. I feel contempted to squeeze every minute of my day. For example, by listening to podcasts during commute…

But I feel this spirit - Jeff called it worshipping efficiency - among software engineers. I mean, just look at how crazy we are trying to optimise our workflows! From automation down to keyboard shortcuts.

Where I grew, people developed a mentality of … restfulness. We have a proverb which expresses this quite well

If I can't make it today, I'll do it tomorrow. But at very least the day after!

Now, you could confuse this with laziness. But it isn't about laziness. It is more about not stress yourself if not needed.

Perhaps this is one kind of silence Jeff talked about.

Your experience with silence

Speaking of silence: Have you ever observed a room full of people asked to stay quiet? How many of them were able to stay quiet for a longer period of time?

Why is it so hard?

I can understand, that it come across harder to silence thoughts. But I'm a knowledge worker, so it is part of my job to think through things. But if I want to silence them, I pick up pen and paper to jot down what comes to my mind.

Electronic measures are to distracying here.

What is your stance on the topic of the podcast?