Last week, a tweet found its way into my timeline:

If you're holding back on writing that blog post because it's "too basic" or "too simple", stop holding back. I've been googling "basic" python questions for hours and it's your blog posts that have been saving me. Your knowledge is valuable. Write.

— Saron (@saronyitbarek) on 21st April 2020

As you can tell, I didn't published anything in almost a month again. I wasn't lazy, though. My focus had been shifted to Twitter and Discord for that time, since I participated in a Game Jam (more on that in another post).

It is such a fulfilling feeling to see Code Newbies accomplishing their first challenges or asking for help if they got stuck. It makes me hopeful about the next generation of developers, who seize the downtime to learn programming. Even if they don't break into the coding industry, it can help them.

So my next blog posts will archive some of the mechanics I explained to them. This way, I hope, it won't get dumped away in just another Social Media stream.

In the meantime: If you learn something, take a moment and write it down on your own blog. Future you will thank you!