How to add fonts to GIMP

By André Jaenisch on 18.01.2023. About 1 minute reading time. This text is estimated to be very confusing to understand.

For a submission I had to create an image. So I opened GIMP 2.10 and started.
I was keen on using Milonga by Pablo Impallari because I am using
on my homepage as well. But it’s not in the repository of my Linux

Therefore I first copied the .ttf into the $HOME/.fonts directory, but for
some reason GIMP didn’t pick it up.

Consulting the documentation I learned about a GIMP directory where I
could also put it in. Ask Ubuntu let me know that I could figure
out where that is by opening GIMP, using the Edit tab, selecting
Preferences from the list. A new window opened. I went down to Folders
at the bottom of the left-hand pane, expanded it and clicked on Fonts.
This way, I knew I had to copy the .ttf to $HOME/.config/GIMP/2.10/fonts.

Now, my GIMP was already running. By picking the Windows tab I could
navigate to Dockable Dialogs and select Fonts there.
In that dock there is a refresh button (in form of an icon that shows a
curved arrow) to update the list of fonts GIMP knows about.

I could select Milonga and finish my task!