I love books. So much that I want to list which one I’ve yet to read and those I can recommend fullheartedly.

Reading list

These are the books I’ve read and can recommend:

To be read

These are books I have yet to read, but already got a copy of:

Wish list

These are books I’d like to read but haven’t get my hands on yet:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Modern Approach by Stuart Russel

    I already dipped my toes into Machine Learning - and what is disappointed. Maybe Artificial Intelligence has more to offer?

  • Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin

    I assume, that learning about software architecture will make me a better programmer - and Robert C. Martin is one of the best to learn from!

  • Concrete Mathematics by Donald Knuth

    If you ever touch LaTeX, the author should ring a bell. This book was recommended to me by a Senior IT Consultant after he learned about me having studied math. So I am curious what it will teach me.

  • Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma

    With the modern SPA frameworks, component-driven architecture became more commonplace in the Frontend world. But design patterns go even further and I want to learn more about them.

  • Programming in Lua by Roberto Ierusalimschy

    Teaches you almost everything you need to know about the Lua Programming language. Can be applied in fields like NginX, Conky or AwesomeWM.

  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

    Being an introvert myself I would like to learn about what I can do different. Right now I push myself out to get things moving, because I don’t want to wait until somebody else may step up (perhaps never). But it’s exhausting. Maybe Susan has some tips for me.

  • Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code by Gang of Four

    I have already read it after borrowing a copy from my library. But it is so helpful that I think every developer should have it at hand.

  • Simplicity by John Maeda

    I consider some basic knowledge of design a responsibility of a Frontend Engineer. Lacking myself at design, I stil want to learn more about how they think about problems. A recent trend is about Simplicity and this book came up several times in my bubble, so I’ll give it a read.

  • The Art of Computer Programming by Donald Knuth

    I like to deep dive into a topic to learn the ins and outs (especially if it is about software). Since I know, Donald is going the extra mile, I expect to learn more of programming than I ever thought possible after reading this book.

  • The Culture Map by Eric Meyer

    I like to learn from other cultures! But I don’t travel much to learn first-hand. So I trust Eric when he explores what makes cultures different from each other and what to look out for when working in cross-culture teams.

  • The Mystical Man Month by Frederick P. Brooks

    Even if we work agile, some companies do so not really. So there are still estimation how many “man days” some work will need. I want to learn more about what is that all about since I did not studied software engineering directly.

  • Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil

    As Mathematician I’m interested by the title alone.

  • Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Robert C. Martin

    It’s a reality that developers will have to deal with Legacy Code more than they would like to admit. Having refactored a larger Django app myself I want to get better at it, since I expect to face this situation again in the future.