Cheat Sheet about Hosting

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I have some requirements regarding hosting and went to look into some vendors:

NameOSProgramming LanguagesSSH AccessDatabasePriceLink
Host EuropeUbuntu/CentOS/DebianPHP, Node.js, Ruby??9.99€
Domain FactoryGentooPHP, Java?MySQL99,99€,99€
1und1?PHP, Python, Node.js, Perl, Java?MySQL, MariaDB, Passenger15,00€
Strato?PHP, Python, Ruby?MySQL7,00€
Hetzner?PHP, Perl, Python?MySQL, PostgreSQL4,90€
Mittwald?PHP, Perl, Python, RubyyesMySQL4,99€
AlfaHosting?PHP, Ruby, PythonyesMySQL6,99€
1blu?PHP, PythonyesMySQL3,29€
SchlundTechCentOS/Ubuntu/DebianPHP, Perl, Python?MySQL42,90€
EVANZO?PHP, Python?MySQL9,49€
GoDaddy?PHP, PythonyesMySQL2,97€

My requirements:

  • Node.js, Python, PHP
  • SSH access
  • MySQL databases
  • .ch domain (I have another vendor for that)
  • subdomains
  • Backups
  • cronjob
  • Paying in EUR
  • Paying with Bank transfer

What I want to run there:

  • Matomo
  • Nextcloud
  • Eleventy
  • SoLiD
  • Matrix
  • Media Goblin

Note, that I'd be also willing to spead those services across different vendors.