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# Share Backported
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5 years ago
Firefox Nightly 57 [removed]( the share feature because it was using a non official API.
This extension reimplement the feature with the same previous icon with the support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, GMail, Diaspora, Telegram, VKontakte, Outlook, Pinboard, Yahoo! Mail, Weibo, Shaarli, Mastodon, MeWe, Skype, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Instapaper, Evernote,, Google Translate (Auto>EN), Bing Translator, Viber, Line, KakaoTalk, Internet Wayback Machine, Friendica, Feedly, Parler social networks.
6 years ago
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="Screenshot of Share Backported in action" />
6 years ago
## About Chrome support
This extension cannot be released on Chrome webstore because of the [Spam Policy](
Specifically this rule was mentioned during the review: `Functionality: Do not post an extension with a single purpose of installing or launching another app, theme, webpage, or extension. Extensions with broken functionality—such as dead sites or non-functioning features—are not allowed.`
### Options
#### Services
You can hide some services/icons just put a check in the relevant field in the “Services” section.
In the same section, you can also change width and height of the share window (for every service), so the windows opened when you click on the relevant icon, and you can change the position/order of services too.
#### PageAction
You can hide the <i>PageAction</i> icon (so the shortcut shown in the address bar) - just put a check in the field contained in the “PageAction” section.
#### Keyboard shortcut
The PageAction can be triggered via <kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>Alt</kbd>+<kbd>y</kbd> (resp. <kbd>Cmd</kbd> on macOS) from keyboard.
Think of the share icon. The modifier keys prevent collisions.
6 years ago
## Authors
* [Daniele Scasciafratte]( - Creator and Maintaner
* [Chris Zuber]( - Contributor
* [Arnaud Jacquemin]( - Contributor
* [Indrashish Ghosh]( - Contributor
* [Sergey Ivanov]( - Contributor
5 years ago
* [Arrizal Amin]( - Contributor
* [Saverio Morelli]( - Contributor
* [André Jaenisch]( - Contributor
* [Lorenzo Millucci]( - Contributor
## License
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