Light-weight system monitor for X.
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💬 Join the Matrix chat

Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any kind of information on your desktop.

👉 Grab the latest release from GitHub.

📹 An introduction to Conky (YouTube).


Conky can display more than 300 built-in objects, including support for:

  • A plethora of OS stats (uname, uptime, CPU usage, mem usage, disk usage, "top" like process stats, and network monitoring, just to name a few).
  • Built-in IMAP and POP3 support.
  • Built-in support for many popular music players (MPD, XMMS2, Audacious).
  • Can be extended using built-in Lua support, or any of your own scripts and programs (more).
  • Built-in Imlib2 and Cairo bindings for arbitrary drawing with Lua (more).
  • Runs on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, Haiku, and macOS!
  • Docker image available for amd64, armv7, and aarch64 (aka armv8)

... and much much more.

Conky can display information either as text, or using simple progress bars and graph widgets, with different fonts and colours.


screenshot screenshot screenshot

See the User Configs below for more screenshots and associated config files.


Conky comes bundled with many package managers. However, if you'd like to try the latest release of Conky, you can try the AppImage build. If you have jq and curl installed, run the following command to fetch the latest AppImage:

$ curl -sL -o conky-x86_64.AppImage \
    $(curl -sL | \
    jq --raw-output '.assets[0] | .browser_download_url')
$ ls

If you don't have jq and curl installed, go to and fetch the latest AppImage. Then:

$ chmod +x ./conky-x86_64.AppImage
$ ./conky-x86_64.AppImage -C > ~/.conkyrc
$ ./conky-x86_64.AppImage

And that's it! Check out the Wiki for more details on configuring Conky.

Note: To use the AppImage, you may need to install additional runtime libraries.


The GitHub Wiki serves as a central hub for all of Conky's documentation.


Conky is licensed under the terms of the GPLv3 license.


Contributions are welcome from anyone.

Please read for guidelines on contributing to Conky.

Supporting this project

Conky exists only through the hard work of a collection of volunteers. Please consider sponsoring the project's developers if you get value out of Conky.

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time