The Jitsi Handbook
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The Jitsi Handbook

This is The Jitsi Handbook. Your one-stop-shop for Jitsi documentation. It's powered by Docusaurus.

Install dependencies

If you use Windows, you need to install gifsicle:

npm install -g gifsicle

alternative command:

cnpm install gifsicle

If you use Debian/Ubuntu, you need to install dh-autoreconf:

apt-get update
apt-get install dh-autoreconf

If you use MacOS, you need to install automake:

brew install automake

Building the site

The site is built automatically with every push thanks to a GH Actions.

If you want to build it locally, follow these simple steps:

cd website
npm install
npm start

You can now edit the files in the docs folder and the site will reflect the changes immediately thanks to live reloading.


We appreciate all contributions to this repository. Please make a Pull Request, no matter how small, all contributions are valuable!