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docs: take note for today (40 min too late)

Signed-off-by: André Jaenisch <andre.jaenisch@posteo.de>
André Jaenisch 1 year ago
Signed by: ryuno-ki
GPG Key ID: 5A668E771F1ED854
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@ -107,6 +107,10 @@ During the kick-off event, we were pointed to some previous editions to study.
- [WebGL guide][webgl]
- [Track not Found ?!][track]
### Next in line
See journal entry from [tomorrow][tomorrow].
[3dmapeditor]: https://xem.github.io/3Dmapeditor/
[adv]: https://github.com/amadvance/advancecomp
[bin]: https://www.npmjs.com/package/ect-bin
@ -136,6 +140,7 @@ During the kick-off event, we were pointed to some previous editions to study.
[starter]: https://github.com/sz-piotr/js13k-webpack-starter
[terser]: https://xem.github.io/terser-online/
[tinyfont]: https://github.com/darkwebdev/tinyfont.js
[tomorrow]: ./2021-08-14.md
[track]: https://xem.github.io/articles/js13k20.html
[triska]: https://triska.js13kgames.com/
[twitter]: https://twitter.com/hashtag/js13kgames?f=live


@ -0,0 +1,93 @@
# 2021-08-14
I took to heart the recommendation to grab a paper notebook and collect ideas.
My first move was digital, though.
I looked for inspiration:
- [thesaurus][thesaurus]
- yielding `area`, `arena`, `capacity`, `distance`, `field`, `location`,
`slot`, `spot`, `territory` and `zone` as synonyms as well as `time`.
- [Dribbble][dribbble]
- [Cosmic][cosmic] made me think on negative space or whitespace as a
- [Space explore][explore] reminded me on some CSS page I ran into months ago
(You can find similar ones by searching for „futuristic” or „VR UI” it
- [Sketchbook squad][sketchbook] was a game I used to play on Firefox OS back
in the days. It's actually the idea I want to try out this year.
- [Flickr][flickr] was not yielding much.
- [Space.][space] draw my attention to it. It could be something about
respecting the comfort zone of others.
- DOS games. It inspires me to see, what previous engineers did with limited
resources available to them. Next to DOS games, you can find ideas in early
handheld console games. [Qix][qix] is something, I loved to play.
- [Unsplash][unsplash]
- Creative Commons search did not resulted in anything I consider interesting
to share.
- [Freesound][freesound] could inspire me with finding sounds that fit to a
## Today's achievement
I researched and found a minimal physics engine:
[commit diff 711cdbe41b29e66b4a6346b0754f1a38bed7057a to 05f095effadbca272b831300498762e87c191781][diff]
![screenshot from 2021-08-14][screenshot]
### Game ideas
Following are keywords, that crossed my mind during research:
- S.P. Ace (a cards game?)
- Sketchbook Squad-like game: an astronaut running out of energy and jumping
- Timelapse (goes in the direction of [ReflectoLabs Inc][reflectolabs]
- Space Available (shrinking world; filled with a substance or similar)
- Paintball with some obstacles (WebGL?)
- Qix (multiplayer, one providing sound turned into EQ, the other moving line)
- Free fall or gravity 0 as a mechanic
- Office Space (looking at The Situation)
- Optical illusions (M.C. Escher)
- Viewpoint related game (ala [Track not Found ?!][track])
- Triangulation (determining position in space)
- Disk Space (like the joke of two sys admins SSHing into each others machine
and deleting files in turn until one server crashes)
- Vacuum in glass (interesting physical effects)
## Next steps
I decided to go with the Sketchbook Squad-like idea for now. That made me
search for a physics engine. The [resources][resources] page listed
[Mini2Dphysics][physics] here.
For the Paintball idea, I would need some form of [raycasting][raycasting].
I defer that to later.
In the evening, I studied the code and ported it over to my entry (with
JSDoc annotations and tests).
### Codewise
- [ ] See ToDos from [yesterday][yesterday].
- [ ] Implement more parts of the physics engine.
- [ ] Consider using Nunjucks for interpolation to simplify post-processing.
[cosmic]: https://dribbble.com/shots/15008838-Cosmic
[diff]: https://jaenis.ch/hobbies/coding/repos/ryuno-ki/js13kgames-2021/compare/711cdbe41b29e66b4a6346b0754f1a38bed7057a...05f095effadbca272b831300498762e87c191781
[dribbble]: https://dribbble.com/search/space
[explore]: https://dribbble.com/shots/14374431-Space-explore
[flickr]: https://flickr.com/search/?text=space
[freesound]: https://freesound.org/browse/tags/space/
[physics]: https://github.com/xem/mini2Dphysics/
[qix]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qix
[raycasting]: https://xem.github.io/projects/raycast.html
[reflectolabs]: https://itch.io/jam/gamedevjs-2021/rate/1013449
[resources]: https://js13kgames.github.io/resources/
[screenshot]: ./2021-08-14.png
[sketchbook]: https://www.orangepixel.net/2013/05/18/sketchbook-squad/
[space]: https://flic.kr/p/85Y8Lj
[thesaurus]: https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/space
[track]: https://xem.github.io/articles/js13k20.html
[unsplash]: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/space
[yesterday]: ./2021-08-13.md


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@ -6,3 +6,4 @@ journal and update it daily as I go along.
## Entries
- [13th August 2021](./2021-08-13.md)
- [14th August 2021](./2021-08-14.md)