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Today's achievement

Work is wearing me down somehow. Nevertheless I committed to push the needle, even if it is only for a little. Overwork isn't healthy though, but what shall you do if the team is understaffed?

Today, I thought about the device used to play this game and want to explore whether a larger screen like on tablets would allow for better placement of gamebits. Therefore, I scaled up the <canvas> knowing that it won't be usable on a smartphone screen anymore.

I used Screen Size Map to get an idea about the viewports most in use.

I did a bit of research regarding card design and found

simple playing card design

Maybe I can sneak in some geometric SVGs? That would be amazing!

commit diff 859f1a261a3c3f7999eda0fc94d514900f1c5af3 to df3dd8fa2aca9595e9f6381781e604be76dce27d

Next steps

I need to try out the new layout and check, whether it feels natural.


I think, some refactorings could ease the next step.

  • See ToDos from yesterday.
  • Refactor collision detection to use a callback function.
  • Clean up requestAnimationFrame calls at game over.
  • Introduce some kind of counter for points.
  • Cap velocity of objects.
  • Remove rotation properties as they aren't used anyway.

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