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Today's achievement

Inspired by a tweet I was wondering, whether I could get away cheaply by using boxes with eyes. Perhaps with a mouth and eyebrows.

A quick look at facial expressions lead me to think, that it can be used in different places:

facial expressions

They can be combined by using eyes and mouth!

chart showing a matrix of combinations of eyes and mouths

commit diff 1b672a3de21146bc6a599aaa630dab30ab44f5a8 to e82734dc037518f818aaa9e8157251266e9d447a

screenshot from 2021-08-20

Next steps

I will scribble some ideas of how I can use pixel art to represent different types of objects. I have to be on the road tomorrow anyway.

I can also pick up my paper notebook again and think about how to lay out the elements of the game.


  • See ToDos from yesterday.
  • Refactor code to initial state as module to allow for save state.
  • Move borders on every pass of the powerups.

Previous in line

See journal entry from yesterday.