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Do you know those days, when you can barely sleep because your mind bursts full of ideas? I had that last night.

So today I set down and got them out of my head for the major part.

Today's achievement

I was quite busy today.

I started with updating dependencies, added some colour, a favicon, ripped out JSDom and instead use sinon now, so I can actual check for a call to stroke the hero.

Then I started to add a second range input, so now the hero can move along both dimensions! For that, additional boundaries were needed.

I added a way to reload the page to reset the page, but that's a bit flaky on Firefox. Also, the game now has a settings and game-over scene.

With all of that, you can play it on my own domain now: Play it online.

commit diff 41fe3e4b63310b25fb6ca55bd9f13387c66b1650 to 514b19099772a4800be23d3c5db280c5d323bd1b

screenshot from 2021-08-17

Next steps

I need a way to reset to the initial state, so I can properly reset the state. Also, now would be an ideal time to start writing my Game Design Document, since I have everything in place to develop the game I want to submit.


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