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Today's achievement

I did some research today to find a vision of the mood I want to evoke. The font could be Audiowide. I'm not sure, how large the zip will become since fonts tend to be large.

From a colour palette, I'm pretty much sold on gold-on-midnightblue. So I looked for a palette to much it.

During research, I noticed, that circular design feels pretty much futuristic. I also browsed through Magic: The Gathering cards as they have amazing artwork!

screenshot of Duels of the Planeswalker 2014

So … I tried to look into whether <canvas> can be made circular. It can! With a border-radius you can cut corners.

I always struggle with finding good names and was amazed to discover a name generator online! Why haven't I thought earlier about looking for one?!

With all these information packed I went ahead and wrote a Game Design Document!

commit diff b806baaa105a77c7118bae6e6b241b6c452449f1 to 1050877d5a27fcdb31d5bf315f4cba8ef62d059a

Next steps

I want to sleep over my shot, to see, whether the idea of two hours worth of conscious work holds water.

  • See ToDos from yesterday.
  • More ideation
  • Blackjack game logic research
  • Card design research


I think, some refactorings could ease the next step.

  • Create a file to hold references to DOM elements (to avoid null checks)
  • Move update-functions for position and physics into dedicated files

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See journal entry from yesterday.

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See journal entry from tomorrow.