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Today was the first day of #js13kgames competition. I actually managed to find the time to participate on the kick-off event over Zoom. Now I want to have some ice cream (watch the video to understand). The slides are available online.

Next to plenty of resources (see below), I got to know some people of the community. I'm a bit disappointed, that the community uses Slack, as I outright refuse to join on that platform. Work made me realise, it's too much of a timesink for me. But I haven't shown up on Discord for months, so who am I to complain.

Today's achievement

I set up my boilerplate repo:

commit diff 02320d1f41d51d84a890ed5846a091208080d6cb to 1e43390e0442b0d52991db5720d3e21560232ec6

screenshot from 2021-08-13


I used today to set up my repo with all the linters and quality gates and stuff I want to respect (perfectionism and so on). This way, I've get it out of my way and don't have to bother with it down the road.

With the tools I learned about today, I might get around to replace parts of it. But that would be premature optimisation at this point. Speaking of tooling, here's a list of what I learned about today:

  • Inline everything (images can be turned into base64 or SVG)
  • Prototype early (on different devices)
  • Browse itch.io for assets
  • Don't neglect music and sound effects
  • Fun is more important than graphics
  • Get the build process right early on (zip and within limits)


Many, MANY more are listed on resources.

Next steps

Now that I have the boilerplate in place, I can make my head free to think about what to actually build. Here, I plan to keep a Game Design Document, since it provides me with a framework that I hope will help me think things through. Also, I bought some (paper) notebooks, to scribble things down. Sounds like that's something other game devs did in the past to great success.

I plan to host this game on my own domain and use GitHub as a mirror. Sadly, the rules make me use GitHub. I can understand why, but it doesn't help me with getting away from this platform.

This journal will help me as a guidance, so I can focus my Postmortem on actual challenges instead of trying to recapitulate, what I did the past 30 days or so.

I also read Twitter to see what others think about it.

Since it is possible to submit more than one entry, I should also take a look at the categories and check, whether decentralised or server works for me. Those tend to be less crowded. Also, I wanted to try IPFS anyway (but GameDev.js Jam was too short-spanned for this).


  • Optimise post-process script to remove references to stylesheets when they got inlined.
  • Strip CSS of comments (but keep license banners).
  • Assume a browser that understands ES modules and tweak rollup accordingly
  • Minimise HTML

See also

During the kick-off event, we were pointed to some previous editions to study.

Next in line

See journal entry from tomorrow.