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I am now master of the ~galaxy~ gravity!


I mean, I can now control the gravity via input range so I can control the movement of my box.

The precondition was solving the collision detection from yesterday. I took the time and explained the logic in an issue against xem's repo.

If you have more parts that pique your interest, let me know. I plan to write more about geometric algebra as I go along.

Today's achievement

I implemented gravity and have first boundary and collision checks in place: Play it online.

commit diff 4f857eeb10b97e5df1383942aa653ef8fe1e417d to f5eca1e2964b0a4625ab2e7acfbd52234ba01814

screenshot from 2021-08-16

Next steps

Sadly, canvas (the package) is required by jsdom to manipulate a canvas element. That would mean a compilation, which is reportedly not possible on CentOS (what my hoster uses). I have to rip out JSDom as a consequence.

Zach recommended linkedom. I expect this problem to take considerable amount of my time.


  • See ToDos from yesterday.
  • Replace JSDom with an alternative.

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See journal entry from tomorrow.