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I took to heart the recommendation to grab a paper notebook and collect ideas. My first move was digital, though.

I looked for inspiration:

  • thesaurus
    • yielding area, arena, capacity, distance, field, location, slot, spot, territory and zone as synonyms as well as time.
  • Dribbble
    • Cosmic made me think on negative space or whitespace as a mechanic
    • Space explore reminded me on some CSS page I ran into months ago (You can find similar ones by searching for „futuristic” or „VR UI” it seems)
    • Sketchbook squad was a game I used to play on Firefox OS back in the days. It's actually the idea I want to try out this year.
  • Flickr was not yielding much.
    • Space. draw my attention to it. It could be something about respecting the comfort zone of others.
  • DOS games. It inspires me to see, what previous engineers did with limited resources available to them. Next to DOS games, you can find ideas in early handheld console games. Qix is something, I loved to play.
  • Unsplash
  • Creative Commons search did not resulted in anything I consider interesting to share.
  • Freesound could inspire me with finding sounds that fit to a game.

Today's achievement

I researched and found a minimal physics engine:

commit diff 711cdbe41b29e66b4a6346b0754f1a38bed7057a to 05f095effadbca272b831300498762e87c191781

screenshot from 2021-08-14

Game ideas

Following are keywords, that crossed my mind during research:

  • S.P. Ace (a cards game?)
  • Sketchbook Squad-like game: an astronaut running out of energy and jumping
  • Timelapse (goes in the direction of ReflectoLabs Inc
  • Space Available (shrinking world; filled with a substance or similar)
  • Paintball with some obstacles (WebGL?)
  • Qix (multiplayer, one providing sound turned into EQ, the other moving line)
  • Free fall or gravity 0 as a mechanic
  • Office Space (looking at The Situation)
  • Optical illusions (M.C. Escher)
  • Viewpoint related game (ala Track not Found ?!)
  • Triangulation (determining position in space)
  • Disk Space (like the joke of two sys admins SSHing into each others machine and deleting files in turn until one server crashes)
  • Vacuum in glass (interesting physical effects)

Next steps

I decided to go with the Sketchbook Squad-like idea for now. That made me search for a physics engine. The resources page listed Mini2Dphysics here.

For the Paintball idea, I would need some form of raycasting. I defer that to later.

In the evening, I studied the code and ported it over to my entry (with JSDoc annotations and tests).


  • See ToDos from yesterday.
  • Implement more parts of the physics engine.
  • Consider using Nunjucks for interpolation to simplify post-processing.

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