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Since I could paint my hero onto the next screen, the next step was adding gravity. I suceeded at this aspect!

With that in my pocket, I looked into adding boundaries, so I could have a first prototype ready. Sadly, this turned out to be trickier than I thought. Also, it's prone for me to overthink.

My current strategy (checking for two intersecting line segments) clearly have some shortcomings. But now I can add test cases to investigate these more in isolation.

Also, I was informed, that geometric algebra isn't that widely known. Once I wrapped my head around what's going on here, I can add some pictures and explain the logic.

Today's achievement

I implemented gravity and have first boundary and collision checks in place:

commit diff 59586dc4684b093e9f68518f114e62100142460b to abe72d67026177be6b028ff21f1b9fd9031cb455

screenshot from 2021-08-13

Next steps

I want to have collision checks working flawlessly. Then, I can refactor the code to make gravity be a variable and include a range slider so I can tweak the gravity and see the effect on the canvas. It's a first playable prototype at that point. Also, it allows me to change the gravity between levels.

Once I get that in, I will add some kind of energy levels. This should split up in life support systems as well as transport. It could look a bit like in Sword Art Online!


  • See ToDos from yesterday.
  • Investigate, why box and boundary don't collide.

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See journal entry from yesterday.