Timeline app for nostalgia
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This repo contains the timeline app for nostalgia.

Run the timeline

Using Python:

git clone https://github.com/nostalgia-dev/timeline
pip install -r requirements.txt
python timeline.py

Or using Docker:

docker build -t nostalgia_timeline .
docker-compose up

Then visit http://localhost:5551

Except: it will not really work yet since you should...

Add your own data

Get some sources connected.

Make sure you are loading those sources in ~/nostalgia_data/nostalgia_entry.py.

For example, to enable loading Fitbit and Chrome History after setting up those sources:

# File contents of ~/nostalgia_data/nostalgia_entry.py below
from nostalgia.sources.fitbit.heartrate import FitbitHeartrate
from nostalgia.sources.chrome_history import WebHistory

heartrate = FitbitHeartrate.register()
web_history = WebHistory.register()

Updating the code

git pull

Developing / Contributing

Suggested to install "Using Python", and then visit http://localhost:5551/sample to see it work without data.


Driving, music, heartrate (my heartrate got lower with less traffic):