WebExtension to expose VS Code Extension Vulncost by Snyk for browsing.
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Unofficial web extension to check packages on vulnerabilities. Runs in Firefox, Chrome and Opera (and likely more web browsers) on desktop.

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Clone this repository, then install the dependencies with npm i.


npm start will start a Firefox instance with the extension loaded. For other browsers, you will need to load the dist/manifest.json manually.


npm test will execute the mocha test suite. Due to the use of proxyquire a code coverage report cannot be generated for now.


This extension will recognise if you are browsing a package.json on GitHub and offer you to scan the (dev)Dependencies for known vulnerabilities. It is also planned to allow the check when looking at a single JS(X) or TS(x) file. The agenda includes a check on NPM registry websites as well.


MIT. Check LICENSE for details.