André Jaenisch ryuno-ki

Client-side library for rendering webmentions from

Updated 2 years ago

WebExtension to expose VS Code Extension Vulncost by Snyk for browsing.

Updated 1 year ago

Uxntal support for Vim

Updated 6 months ago

Learning uxn

Updated 6 months ago

Updated 5 years ago

A guide project on how to make interaction circles for Twitter

Updated 7 months ago

A simple and extensible shell script for managing your todo.txt file.

Updated 6 months ago

A little Tamagotchi Simulator for Firefox OS

Updated 8 months ago

A collection of useful online web development tools

Updated 6 months ago

Timeline app for nostalgia

Updated 3 years ago

Create subtitles from Audio using SpeechRecognition in Python

Updated 10 months ago

Documenting resources related to front-end style guides and pattern libraries

Updated 6 months ago

A boilerplate for creating your own custom style guide

Updated 6 months ago

The awesome and damn simple, selfhosted alternative to linktree

Updated 3 weeks ago

Extension to get back the Firefox Share modal

Updated 2 years ago