1. JS Party

    A community celebration of JavaScript and the web. This show records LIVE on Thursdays at 1pm US/Eastern time. Panelists include Suz Hinton, Feross Aboukhadijeh, Kevin Ball, Emma Wedekind, Jerod Santo, Nick Nisi, Divya Sasidharan, Mikeal Rogers, and Chris Hiller. Topics discussed include the web platform (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Brave, etc), front-end frameworks (React, Ember, Angular, Vue, etc), Node.js, web animation, SVG, robotics, IoT, and much more. If JavaScript and/or the web touch your life, this show’s for you. Some people search for JSParty and can't find the show, so now the string JSParty is in our description too.

    Latest episode: Component libraries, style guides, design systems... OH MY

    on 15.11.2019

    Design systems are taking the tech industry by storm, but what exactly are they? Do you even need one? This week we’re talking all things design systems. We’ll chat about component libraries and style guides, companies who are building design systems, and more!

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  2. Python Bytes

    Python Bytes is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken. The show is a short discussion on the headlines and noteworthy news in the Python, developer, and data science space.

    Latest episode: #156 All the programming LOLs

    on 15.11.2019

    Sponsored by DigitalOcean: pythonbytes.fm/digitalocean Special guests: Dan Bader Cecil Philip Dan #1: Why You Should Use python -m pip https://snarky.ca/why-you-should-use-python-m-pip/ Cecil #2: Visual Studio Online: Web-Based IDE & Collaborative Code Editor https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/services/visual-studio-online/ Michael #3: Python Adopts a 12-month Release Cycle The long discussion on changing the Python project's release cadence has come to a conclusion: the project will now be releasing new versions on an annual basis. Described in PEP 602 The steering council thinks that having a consistent schedule every year when we hit beta, RC, and final it will help the community: Know when to start testing the beta to provide feedback Known when the expect the RC so the community can prepare their projects for the final release Know when the final release will occur to coordinate their own releases (if necessary) when the final release of Python occurs Allow core developers to more easily plan their work to make sure work lands in the release they are targeting Make sure that core developers and the community have a shorter amount of time to wait for new features to be released Dan #4: Black 19.10b0 Released — stable release coming soon https://twitter.com/llanga/status/1188968251918819329 “Black Friday” release date? https://twitter.com/llanga/status/1189145837991014402 Playground: https://black.now.sh/ Cecil 5: Navigating code on GitHub Example: https://github.com/talkpython/100daysofcode-with-python-course/blob/master/days/10-12-pytest/guess/guess.py Michael #6: lolcommits: selfies for software developers. lolcommits takes a snapshot with your webcam every time you git commit code, and archives a lolcat style image with it. git blame has never been so much fun. Infinite uses: Animate your progress through a project and watch as you age. See what you looked like when you broke the build. Keep a joint lolrepository for your entire company. Plugins: Lolcommits allows a growing list of plugins to perform additional work on your lolcommit image after capturing. Animate: Configure lolcommits to generate an animated GIF with each commit for extra lulz! Extras: Dan: Article & Course on Python 3.8 https://realpython.com/python38-new-features/ https://realpython.com/courses/cool-new-features-python-38/ Cecil: Twitch learning Python channel Michael: New Anvil course, free one - https://talkpython.fm/anvil PSF yearly survey is out: https://twitter.com/thepsf/status/1190004772704784385 Joke: LOLCODE

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  3. Talk Python To Me - Python conversations for passionate developers

    Talk Python to Me is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy. The show covers a wide array of Python topics as well as many related topics. Our goal is to bring you the human story behind the Python packages and frameworks you know and love.

    Latest episode: #238 Collaborative data science with Gigantum

    on 14.11.2019

    Collaborative data science has a few challenges. First of all, those who you are collaborating with might not be savvy enough in the computer science techniques (for example, git and source control or docker and Linux). Second, seeing the work and changes others have made is a challenge too.

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  4. The Changelog

    Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of software development. Hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo face their imposter syndrome so you don’t have to. Expect in-depth interviews with the best and brightest in software engineering, open source, and leadership. This is a polyglot podcast. All programming languages, platforms, and communities are welcome. Open source moves fast. Keep up.

    Latest episode: Five years of freeCodeCamp

    on 15.11.2019

    Today we have a very special show for you – we’re talking with Quincy Larson the founder of freeCodeCamp as part of a two-part companion podcast series where we each celebrate our 5 and 10 year anniversaries. This year marks 5 years for freeCodeCamp and 10 years for us here at Changelog. So make sure you check out the freeCodeCamp podcast next week when Quincy ships our episode to their feed. But, on today’s episode we catch up with Quincy on all things freeCodeCamp.

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  5. The WIRED Podcast

    The award-winning WIRED UK Podcast with James Temperton and the rest of the team. Listen every week for the an informed and entertaining rundown of latest technology, science, business and culture news. New episodes every Friday.

    Latest episode: The climate crisis hiding in your office

    on 15.11.2019

    Labour’s bold broadband plan, why space is about to get even more lonely and the climate crisis hiding in your office

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  6. Troy Hunt's Weekly Update Podcast

    This is the audio podcast version of Troy Hunt's weekly update video published here: https://www.troyhunt.com/tag/weekly-update/

    Latest episode: Weekly Update 165

    on 17.11.2019

    Scott Helme’s “Hack Yourself First” Workshop; Googling Your Password; Charging to Change Your Password; 1Password’s Cash Injection; IVPN Sponsoring https://www.troyhunt.com/weekly-update-165/

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