What I'm doing now?

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A while ago I've read an article by Chris Coyier about now. He's quoting an article by Matthias Ott about a novelty in the web community.

The idea is to add a URL /now to one's domain which covers what you are doing or focussed at the moment.

I want to give it a try :-)

What I'm doing right now?

Oh my god, I am mentioned on a podcast! Twice!

Python Bytes: #139 f"Yes!" for the f-strings and Python Bytes: #154 Code, frozen in carbon, on display for all.


Recently I got locked out of my server, because too many node processes were spawned. Also I want to speed up my build process and will use SQLite for it. Plus, some posts regarding my website itself are in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Open Source

I'm really excited, that Node Knockout is going to happen! And I took half a day to be able to work afzer it ended. Vote for our app, will you? :-)


I'm reading a lot of books these days :-o When I ran into Steve Jobs biography in library the other day, I couldn't stop but borrowing it. This will be my next read.

I inserted Attack on Titan in between, but that one is quite … brutal.


During commute I started to listen to some podcasts. I could find some of them on Apple Podcast, so I could utilise their iTunes API to get some structured data. Find the results on my podcast page.

My latest recommendation would be „To Hell With the Hustle: Reclaiming Your Life in an Overworked, Overspent, and Overconnected World”.