What I'm doing now?

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Recently I've read an article by Chris Coyier about now. He's quoting an article by Matthias Ott about a novelty in the web community.

The idea is to add a URL /now to one's domain which covers what you are doing or focussed at the moment.

I want to give it a try :-)

What I'm doing right now?

Oh my god, I am mentioned on a podcast!

Python Bytes: #139 f"Yes!" for the f-strings


Hacktoberfest is happening! Right now! So now's the time to get back to the keyboard. Thus, I learn new things, which will make me blog about it :-)

Open Source

By now I completed my four pull requests nedded for Hacktoberfest. It pitties me, that I likely can't participate at Node Knockout, so I took a weekend of and rewrote a Python utility. Sadly, I can't disclose its source code, but will explain its architecture in a blog post.


I'm reading a lot of books these days :-o When I ran into Steve Jobs biography in library the other day, I couldn't stop but borrowing it. This will be my next read.


During commute I started to listen to some podcasts. I could find some of them on Apple Podcast, so I could utilise their iTunes API to get some structured data. Find the results on my podcast page.

My latest recommendation would be „To Hell With the Hustle: Reclaiming Your Life in an Overworked, Overspent, and Overconnected World”.