What I'm doing now?

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Recently I've read an article by Chris Coyier about now.
He's quoting an article by Matthias Ott about a novelty in the
web community.

The idea is to add a URL /now to one's domain which covers
what you are doing or focussed at the moment.

I want to give it a try :-)

What I'm doing right now?

Oh my god, I am mentioned on a podcast!

Python Bytes: #139 f"Yes!" for the f-strings


Not much going on here. For one, Jekyll somehow broke locally, so I couldn't
see what I was doing :-/

After a couple of month, I decided to migrate everything over to eleventy.
Now, I port over my old WordPress.com articles and set up some other feeds
before I start writing again.

Open Source

Currently, my Open Source efforts are going into eleventy
which powers this website as well as webmention-tools,
which will at some point work like a comments section for my blog posts.

Chris Aldrich wrote about social reading the other day.
I might spend sone thought on it once I got some more IndieWeb goodies
running here. I'm mainly concerned about validators here during development.
Then, I'll lay out my thoughts in the ideas section of my page.


I already finished reading Peopleware a while ago, but had some
server issues.

I picked high fantasy next and am almost finished with reading R.A. Salvatore's
The Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf


During commute I started to listen to some podcasts. So I will create a space
to list them here somewhen.

Also, since many metal radio statios online shut down, I am buying CDs on my
own. my latest purchases were Within Temptation and Godsmack.
Are you interested in browsing a list of what I have by now?